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Repair bill for '92 100S

I have had my '92 100S in the shop for about the past week and a half. Boy am
I getting sick of driving this '84 Dodge Aries I borrowed while my car is
being repaired. Now down to my question. You may have read my gripes in the
past couple of weeks on the list. My 100 has 62k on it, and was leaking quite
a bit of oil from the engine. Upon inspection by my repair shop (Foreign
Traffic, Pittsburgh), I was told the oil was coming out of the head gasket
(yikes!). Since the leak was worsening, I decided to get it fixed. I received
word today my car was finally finished. The bill was $921. Besides having the
head gasket replaced, I also had them replace the timing belt and change the
oil. Does this price seem fair? Also, I've never heard of a head gasket going
at this few miles. When I bought the car in September, it had about 50k on
it. All maintainence up to this point was done by an Audi dealer. The leak
showed up at first around 55k. Do you think I have a legitimate gripe against
AoA? Thanks for any help.

'92 100S