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5kcdtq questions

I just purchased a 1986 cd turbo quattro with 200k kilometers, it needs a
few things and I want to make sure I know what is wrong before I do anything.

1) the car makes a constant growling sound that starts at at about 20mph and
changes pitch just slightly as speed increases.  I think it is a wheel
bearing, but would like to know if I can ck them with out taking anything apart.

2) There seems to be a loose drive shaft joint, when in 1st gear, releasing
the clucth normally produces a slight clunk, like the flywheel and clucth
are moving before the drive line. Where is the most likely worn out part?

3) The power steering pump seems noisy, it rattles at idle and makes a
protesting groan when turning the steering wheel.  Is this a sign that the
pump is ready to go?

Thank for any advice.


New turbo quattro owner!!!!