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Mount Washington: Last Call

Hi Folks,

     This is just a reminder that registration forms for the Audi/Quattro
Corral are due to me in just over 3 weeks..as the
deadline is June 2.  We need to have them in in order to get the T-shirts
and hard cards ready in time for the event.  I hope
to see as many people as possible and look forward to meeting you there.
Please forward all questions to me privately.
I will also provide a registration form via e-mail or SASE upon request.
This should be a great time if it ever warms up around
here.  You are NOT required to be a member of QC-USA or NEQC to
attend....nor do you need to have a Quattro...any Audi
will do :-).   Hope to hear from you soon.....there are already 15 cars
that have registered early.

DIRECT MAIL BEST SENT TO: Paul_ROYAL@isserv9.idx.com   (not ROYAL@IDX.COM)

 or better yet, visit:  http://www.netaxis.com/~zcritter/mtflrweb.html

Paul W. Royal......Exeter, New Hampshire...603-772-7356H
   Senior Project Leader-IDX Systems Corp. Boston, MA USA
   90 90Q20v...titanium, platinum leather, cold weather pack, 15in Borbet
        C's, CC's
               grooved rotors.
   Member QC-USA/BMW-CCA