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Insurance totals my car? Help!

Hey there everyone.
Well, don't worry, the 4000CSQ and the Coupe are just fine, thanks.  However,
my GTi is a little worse for the ware.  I was rear-ended the other night, and
my custom exhaust system and twin 3 inch tips (what is that, 90 mm?) took
most of the force of the collision.  Anyway, I just got a price to replace
the system....632$, front to back.  HELP!  The rear bumper cover also needs
attention, but on a 12 year old car, with 246.600 miles, I'm afraid that they
are going to total it!  Does anyone have any ideas?  I know the car has lots
of miles left, and there is more than 1000$ of extra go fast goodies thrown
into this car, so I don't want to lose it..