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Girling calipers '83 tqc

Hello to all, This week has been one to remember for me.Have been trying 
to replace the rear calipers on the urq due to e-brake problems.Ordered 
calipers thru Beck/Arnley they sent what seemed to be the corect calipers 
with one exception, the brace hose/line port on these is on the rear of 
the casting. since these calipers are on the front of the rotor,the hose 
position conflicts with the c/v joint.Tried another supplier MAAS in N.J. 
same result.correct casting,wrong drilling. Carlsen offered a new one 
(said there is one in the USA according to the locator) Q-list cost $599. 
 "I PASS". Chris at Autobahn is giving it a try. Anyone know if any of 
the 5000 calipers will fit? Any suggestions? There is a boss on the 
casting where the hose needs to be.Can it be drilled and tapped? The 
taper/bevel at the bottom of the drilling might be tricky. Thanks