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Re: Rear Girling Caliper Troubles -Reply

Gross Scruggs <GScruggs@wposmtp.nps.navy.mil> wrote:

>There ought to be a word that describes machinery designed by someone that
>they would never have to work on it.

Well, there is. Over here, it's called Citroen. Like the air cooled
boxer-twin  in the 2CV (you want to change the spark plugs? Just take off
the front fenders) or the I4 in the GS of the '70s (a lot have been
scrapped because the exhaust was rotten. Why? You needed to take the engine
out to change it). Then there's the wonderful hydropneumatic system,
combining brake servo, p/s and suspension damping medium all in one system
(with spectacular failure results). Wanna change a flat tyre and the car
won't start? Tough- you need to get the engine running to get the
suspension up, and to get the jack underneath. While changing the tyre, you
need to KEEP the engine running to prevent the car from settling on its
bump stops, thus asphyxiating yourself with carbon monoxide. Great!
When something on my car won't work, or looks stupidly constructed, I just
chant my mantra: 'Citroen, Citroen...' ;-)

So- cheer up, fellow Audians! It could have been worse...



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, Tizianrot metallic, 210,000km

                   When aiming for the common denominator,
             be prepared for the occasional division by zero.