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Re: Darwin Award... No Audi Content, thankfully

On Fri, 09 May 1997 15:01:01 -0700 Gross Scruggs
<GScruggs@wposmtp.nps.navy.mil> writes:
>Ever heard of the Darwin Award?  I've forgotten who gives it but is an 
>road.  They
>found the brakes were burned off the car well before impact and the 
>tires were
>probably shredded during the second mile.  The identity of the driver 
>was never
>determined as there was not enough left for a conclusive DNA test.  In 

I love this story, its been around for years and years in various forms,
I first heard it  about 10 years ago from a friend in the Air Force who
actually has access to Jato bottles, but his story was that the guy was
on the salt flats and simply lost control.  I'm glad to hear the story
is getting better.
Thanks for the post.

Greg (91 200TQ...think those Jato bottles would fit in my trunk?)