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[Fwd: Re: Uni-bombing]

Peter the attached is self explanatory....
Good luck

PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> You have a banjo fitting for the feed from the pump (17mm - bottom), a brake
> line fitting to the MC (11mm - side)...  The rear has the hydraulic resevoir
> hookup (bottom of the fluid resevoir....  the 2 washers are for the banjo
> bolt on the bottom....  The 11mm is a flange brake line fit....  Total time
> for switch = 1/2 hour....  The rear is a hose clamp for the HR feed, then a
> pull, don't forget to get something to catch the pentosin (other than your
> sleeve), resevoir will drain completely.....  You need to just loosen the
> front 10mm nut, then the bomb should slide nose towards passenger side of
> car....   You need to swap the rubber nose cone and the rear vibration collar
> prior to RR install....  It will take some time for the pump to refill the
> bomb to proper pressure, usually a good 5 minutes or so....
> Scott

Hey Scott:
Excellent description I know now where to go for help !!!! It's like 
having a private mechanic in my PC. Well done !