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Re: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Audial@aol.com wrote:
> The engine cooling fan does not come on automatically when the engine is off.
>  If you turn the key (without firing the engine), the fan kicks in shortly
> after shutting the car off (engine hot), but it doesn't cycle like I've come
> to expect from other TQs when the key is off.  Also, I was somewhat concerned
> that the injector cooling fan doesn't seem to switch on either.
> What could be the cause of this problem?  A bad relay?  A bad sensor?  Which
> one?
> Thanks,
> Alex.
The after run of both the auxiliary coolant pump (for the turbo) and fan
are both controlled by temperature in the block area . Neither comes on
automatically when you turn engine off.
Testing take car for a highway speed drive make a couple of turbo boost
runs, get back home, do not kill engine ...allow car to idle (in your
driveway) until the fan turns on....kill engine and wait (hood closed)
fan should come on (may take a minute or so unless outside temp. is very
low)on after runmode  and probably auxiliary water pump ( you may have
to touch pump to ascertain it is on )... or you may ground temp sensor
at the rear left side of engine mounted on heat shield above exhaust
manifold (rear of engine) both animals...should come on.
Good luck ! Good buy !