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Re: black rag top

> The coupe Quattro is based on the 80/90, and the cab is based on the 2 door
> 90CS, not the coupe, which was discontinued WAY before the Cab was
> introduced.

Not intending to start a huge debate, but:

The CQ is in the same class (B) as the 80/90 sedan, but it is a
substantively (almost entirely) different body.  Furthermore, the 80/90
sedan was given a major (though visually subtle) revision with the '93
(US) model year.  I'm not sure if the Coupe was ever revised much beyond
the new hood look - I don't think it was.

The Cab made its US debut as a '94 model, selling alongside the revised
90 with the same V6, dual bags, etc.  It is logical, but wrong, to
assume the Cab is therefore based on the then current 90 sedan.  The Cab
was and is, in fact, directly based on the Coupe ('89-'91 US) body. 
BTW, the Coupe was not discontinued in Europe until recently.

The above info comes from an Audi engineering brochure as well as
various (actually knowledgeable) salespeople.  Want more evidence?  Just
look at the seatbelt mounts, doors, door frames, dimensions, etc. 
They're the same...

Also, what's up with the 2-door 90CS?  Did they sell this in Europe? 
I've never heard anything about it.


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro ( the ex drove a '90 90)
Atlanta, GA