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Insurance totals my car? Help!

Hey there everyone.
Well, don't worry, the 4000CSQ and the Coupe are just fine, thanks.  However,
my GTi is a little worse for the ware.  I was rear-ended the other night, and
my custom exhaust system and twin 3 inch tips (what is that, 90 mm?) took
most of the force of the collision.  Anyway, I just got a price to replace
the system....632$, front to back.  HELP!  The rear bumper cover also needs
attention, but on a 12 year old car, with 246.600 miles, I'm afraid that they
are going to total it!  Does anyone have any ideas?  I know the car has lots
of miles left, and there is more than 1000$ of extra go fast goodies thrown
into this car, so I don't want to lose it..

I know someone who's car caught fire.  It was a very souped up VW Beetle.
He had spent thousands building it.

Basically, show the insurance company as many receipts for extras as you
can.  They can't say the car is worth less than the money you have spent on
it recently.

On the other hand, insurance companies are a law unto themselves.  They'll
s*rew you for as much they can get on the premium, then pay out as little as
they can get away with.

Good luck,


P.S.  Anybody know of any independent Mitsubishi Owner Clubs, US or UK?
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