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Bushings into swaybar


Dateline 1:15pm, Mother's Day:

Daddy, being a great husband (and father!), begins to replace ball joints
and sway bar bushings on Mommy's 88 90 Q.  Thinking passively to himself
"I wonder how I'm going to get this new bushing into this eye-socket on
the sway bar," he pops the old one out.  

Now mommy stands, arms folded and toes a tapping, asking "I wonder how
you're going to get those new bushings into the eye-sockets on the sway
bar... before tomorrow?"

Daddy sheepishly says, "Hey, you wanna drive my car tomorrow?"

Mommy is not amused.

So, friends, any ideas on how to squish those big -ol' buggers down and
into the opening?  I may have to o to the mechanic for a recue
tomorrow... And we all know how much that hurts the male ego.

Any advice please send to:


88 90 Not a Noquer
88 90 Q