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Re: Ur-Q Exhaust

Several years back I seen an 86 German Ur-Q with a "custom"
exhaust system.

It was 2.5 inch pipe,(metric equivalent) no cat, and a "Cherry-bomb"
type of muffler where the middle muffler once was.  That, and a large
4" resonated chrome tip!

The sound was a deep and throaty-grumble.  At high rpm it sounded
awesome, crusing around the Nurmbergering.  You would of thought there
was a
V-8 under he hood!

This prompted me to build a similar system for my Coupe GT.  2.5 inch
header back, cherry bomb muffler, and 3 inch resonated tip.  Same
results as
above!  Cost, about $150 in aluminized steel, and $250 in stainless!  

Beats the $700+ of a Scorpion!