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%$!#&(! brakes...

Well, I ordered a nice set of stainless lines for my 1993
90CS from GPR... That was the easy part. This weekend, I
tried to install them. Several things went wrong:

I had a terrible time trying to loosen some of the fittings.
Even with LiquidWrench and a special flare-fitting wrench,
I stripped the hell out of two fittings before I gave up.

So, what am I doing wrong? Any tricks for loosening these
suckers? What should I do about the two that I stripped?
They didn't budge, so I still need to get them off somehow,
though I can see it's going to be a challenge now that the
nuts are round...

I also discovered that I need an 8-line set, not a 6-line. I
was going to tell off the guys at GPR, but then I looked
at the 1993 parts fiche-- it's wrong too. It shows one
hose each side at the rear instead of two. Arrgh.

BTW, the 1993 90 has the Girling "60" calipers on the front...