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A6 test drive

On  11 May 97 15:57:44 EDT Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@compuserve.com> wrote:
>I test drove the new A6 on Saturday...
I got to drive one of these recently. The one I drove was a (mostly) US
spec Quattro with the 2.8L20V. I found the torque on this one to more than
adequate, and I think the transmission was the best Audi automatic I have
driven. I just couldn't catch it in a wrong gear, and the shifts were
almost imperceptible. The new suspension is a great improvement over the
old A6, and I found the brakes to be exemplary. No, it's not a spots sedan
(that's what they make the A4 for) it's a big, comfortable, quiet, and safe
family car that should be just the thing for present A6/100 drivers that
want a newer/nicer vehicle. And I think with the back seats folded down, I
could sleep in it!


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