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insurance, clutch fixed, SF trip

Misc topics and updates:

Clutch problem (86 5Ks) finally fixed by rebuilding slave cylinder. Bought
kit for $27.50 (Discount auto parts), removed slave cyl according to tip
from QshipQ (Many thanks for this one!) trick is remove RF wheel, drive out
roll pin through tie rod clearance hole, using drift and stacked extensions!

Cylinder is made of Detroit Wonder Metal (cast iron), and since brake fluid
absorbs water - they rust and pit! That's why we're told to flush brake and
clutch systems every two years! Do it! You wouldn't believe the crap that
came out of this "sealed" system. Had a slave from parts car - it was pitted
to uselessness. Slave in driver car cleaned up (honed lightly) perfectly.

Rebuilt slave, pre-filled it with brake fluid, re-assembled. Works
PERFECTLY! Hurrah! Believe it or not, didn't need to be bled. Worked
perfectly from first stroke. (Gonna bleed it anyway, just to be sure.)

Insurance woes - friend of mine had a 74 VW with tiptronic - car was a tired
pile of junk, some idiot rebuilt the carb, did it wrong, and car caught fire
and burned to the ground. Driver abandoned ship (unhurt), escaped only with
large tube of KY jelly in her jeans pocket. (Don't ask - no futher
information forthcoming.) Called me in total panic "Michael! Michael! My car
just burned down!"

"Congratulations! Now the insurance company can buy you something nice!"


Next stop was local auto-trader magazine where everyone advertises their
overpriced junk "Antique! Classic! Hurry! : 1983 Corrolla - new custom paint
(we rinsed the broom) - only 135,000 miles, just $6,000" etc.

Go to VW section, cut out 8 to 10 ads for highest priced VWs, including
convertibles. Bitch mightily to insurance co. about new tires (burned), new
interior (burned), fresh brake job (same), etc.

Result: Original offer was $600, they paid $1,850 for a car that was really
only worth maybe $350. (the statute of limitations IS expired on this, right?)

Trip report - was in SF on business, lots of 79-80 5000 (square body) Audi
5000s running around - saw one driven by a "mature, queen-sized" lady - must
be some good Audi mechanics in SF area, cause I KNOW _SHE_ doesn't fix her
own car! Also saw a very nice 100Q (1989? 1990?) in office park in San Mateo
- mother of pearl paint, BBS wheels - yummy! Saw NO A4, A6, etc.

Rented a 97 corolla - 8,000 miles - ran well, steered well, noisy as hell!
No comparison with my 11 year older 5000. Incidentally, the corolla had the
same one-touch driver's window relay as Audi - imitation is the sincerest
form of flattery.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman