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Re: Many Thanks To Everyone - Long

On Mon, 12 May 1997, Dupree, Robert A. wrote:

> when ordering that gasket from Blau.  I do not wish to cause any   
> slanderous messages here but that gasket caused ten hours of diagnostic   
> work to have to be performed.  Please everyone else be careful!  In the   

I can understand the apprehension.   I don't think it should turn anyone 
away from Blau, but I think everyone aught to doublecheck their parts.   
I also think that this sort of thing happens _ALOT_ with Audis, so we 
should all take our old parts to the dealer with us to get them replaced 
if possible.  If not, then you just have to understand that there is a 
greater risk with these cars than others that you might get the wrong part.

> 4) New K&N

I have a used K&N if anyone is interested.

> I hope my liberal application of cubic-dollars has eased the pressure for   
> sacrifices to the Audi Gods...

Haha, that's just expected...

Glad the beast is back in form.

Graydon D. Stuckey 

"Cool name man!" - Jay Graydon   :-)