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Ur-Q Idling and Other

I have recently had all kinds of annoying problems with my '83 Ur-Q:

- It would idle and then it wouldn't, would cut out when you least expected
it, even once while travelling along at 70 mph?  The only good news was
that it was restarting with no hesitation at all.

- Someone suggested that I check my Turbo hoses, and I found that the
concertina hose from the intake assembly to the turbo was full of holes. 
After changing it, and in the process dicovering the amazing merits of
removing the right headlight assembly for access, the problem has
miraculously gone away!

-  I should have left well alone, but having read Ned Ritchie's column in
the latest Quattro Quarterly recommending a change to Bosch W7DTC's, I
changed mt plugs as well.  The result was an increased idle speed AND a
surging idle.

Anyone know what I have upset and how to fix it without any sophisticated
electronic tools?  What about the adjusting screw on the top of the
throttle body?

BTW, I still haven't tracked down the source of the rev. drop when I engage
the turn signals?  This is also intermittent and unpredictable as before?

It's a good thing that the Ur-Q is such a rewarding vehicle to drive
because it sure is an ongoing challenge to keep it operating correctly.

On the plus side, the 8" Ronals with 225/50 A-509s are a huge improvement
over my stock wheels.


John C.