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Audi brochure

My 1.8TQ most certainly has door locks.  AND it has remote entry.
They airbrushed it out of the photo so as not to be a distraction
I suppose to whatever it was they were trying to emphasize in that
particular photo.


-=From: JSB94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu
-=Subject: Audi brochure
-=Regarding the red A4 pictured on page 30 of the brochure.  It is not the same
-=red A4 as in the first few pages of the brochure.  The A4 in the first few page
-=s is a 1.8t (no chrome around the window frames).  The red A4 on page 30 is a
-=2.8 (this one does have chrome).  I still think the A41.8t has no door lock.  W
-=hy would they refinish this photo and leave every other Audi in the book with v
-=isible door locks?  By the way, why is the side signal light on, on the audi on
-= page 30.  (i thought that they do not function as running lights?)
-=Thanks again,
-=(still waiting)