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Re:5KCSTQ oil warning light?


Is your hydraulic fluid at max when at idle and the wheels straight ahead?
Any leaks from pump and or steering rack? Coolant and brake fluid levels at
least minimum? Somtimes the coolant level sensor can be sensitive even if at
minimum.  My first guess is your hydraulic fluid and or associate leaks if
loosing fluid.


Paul wrote:
>My 5KCSTQ has started to display the oil warning symbol in the multi function
>warning window (the little oil can in a red triangle) whenever the engine RPM
>drop below about 1200.  I checked the oil level and it is fine.  While cruising
>it is fine, at idle or trickling to a halt at a junction or in traffic etc. the
>warning light comes on.  If I rev the engine to 1500 RPM the light goes out.

>This started happening suddenly.  I have never seen the oil warning light
>before.  This suggests that something has failed, and that this is not due to
>incremental wear on the pump: but then I could be misinterpreting that?