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RE: tires for 4kcsq

Yes, the Pirelli's life span is very good. I guess 60k is probably near what I
was getting. So, perhaps the next set will be 600's for me... Thanks! 
86 4KCSQ 
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>When I bought my 86 4KCSQ New eleven years ago, it came stock with Pirrelli 
>tires. I have never tried anything else and continue to replace the tires wi 
>the P6 tires. I have been VERY pleased with these tires in all conditions. T 
>are excellent on dry and wet surfaces, and here in Minnesota very good on sn 
>as well. I guess you might say I'm stuck on Pirrelli's and have no intention 
>go to anything else. This is my success story, hopefully others out there wi 
>have their opinions for you as well. 
way back when, i started with p6's on my 4kq, but upgraded to the 
similar, but better in all respects. 
do you typically get 60K from a set of tires as i did?