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Re: Hydraulic level

Dave, you wrote:

>After an overnight, my new bomb will bleed down and level will be >right below "max". After startup, when pressed up, the level is right >at "min". Can I expect this as "normal"?

I think not. The bomb has a built in check valve which will keep 
itself pressurized just about indefinitely.  When my car is in winter 
storage, the hydraulic fluid stays level for months. The bomb (I 
assume ) is still pressurized, as the hydraulic level remains the same 
when started.  ( I always keep the level @ the "max" line.) Is your 
hydraulic system contaiminated with crud that could have lodged in the 
check valve? This is usually the cause of a slow leaking check valve.

On a similar subject , does anyone know of a small in-line filter I 
could plumb into the hydraulic system?  I envision a unit similar to a 
fuel filter which could installed in a return line.  

With the high cost of all the hydraulic system components, one could 
keep a better eye on the system by periodically changing and 
inspecting this filter.