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Q's for my new Q

Well as you guys guessed the car is new to me...  I picked up this 87 5000qt
this weekend.  Nice car it has Fuchs, heated seats that work and the
traditional falling Audi headliner...  It pulls hard from 35 hundred on up..
One owner high miles but the price was very right..  I'm getting antsy with
this 2.5 liter motor I built for my 4000qt and I'm considering putting that
motor in this 5000 but havn't made a decision yet...  If I take that route
I'll build a 2.3 turbo for the 4000.  Oh well only time will tell..  Anyone
out there know of an alternative to Ned Ritche's ECU mod???  I've heard great
things about it but the price is more than half of what I paid for the car!!!
 Anyone know where a good used set of grey leather sport seats are??  Thanks
for the bandwidth..