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Re: your mail

On Mon, 12 May 1997, Ron Woods wrote:

> I have an 86 4KCSQ with some items I'm looking for: 
> 1. Sun Roof panel for a two way sunroof. 
> 2. Inside front doors (both Driver and passenger), lower compartment tray. Black
> trim 
> 3. Engine compartment enclosures for the radiator. This is the cardboard like
> material on the side and bottom of the radiator 
> 4. Short mast (not the tall one) power anntenna. Original
Someone else may know about this "problem" with my 5kcst! My '87 has an
antenna marked "Fuba" that is three segments, extends only to about 2/3
roof height. Is this stock/broken/replacement part? Never seen an antenna
so short- power still works, unlike identical 88 5k with broken antenna
about 2 1/2 ft high. Opinions?

> I guess that is about it for now. I'll think of more
later..... >  
> Ron Woods 
> 86 4KCSQ