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Gear ratios

In message <ADUOuTp8X4@hugo.kiev.ua> Maxim Gatsuts writes:

> >There was a 90bhp version of the 1781 engine, but that wasn't used on the
> >quattro model and was a carb version anyway (yes, we still had them in the
> >UK in '87).
> That is exactly what I have 1781 carburator engine with 90bhp. And my
> Audi is Quattro. Fortunately I have service book of this car and I can
> say that engine is original.

Your car was probably originally ordered in Germany.  At one time, you could 
order mix and match features - about the only impossible option was air 
conditioning on a diesel.  But you could have the smallest engine with a 
sunroof, or the largest without.  This was _never_ possible in countries like 
the UK or USA, where a certain amount of "marketing" led to options being sold 
in packages.
The quattro drive train, for instance, is not available on the A4 today in the 
UK unless you take the 2.8 engine.  The 1.8TQ is not marketed here.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club