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Re: Antenna Length Calculation...was: "your mail"

Phil said:

> The ideal length is a 1/4 wavelength, minus a tad.  For VHF/FM reception, say 
> of a 93MHz station, the calculation (in metres) is something like:
> Speed of light:         300,000,000 
>                         -----------   /  4    (quarter wave)
> Frequency:               93,000,000          
> So the ideal length is around 80cm, or about 20.5 inches.  Actually slightly 
> shorter - electrons are funny things.

Ok, now your getting into my area...8-]

Actually the most accurate, easiest way to figure the length of a VHF 
antenna is to use the following formula:

2808/FmHz   ...that is divide 2808 by the frequency in megahertz. 
This gives us the length in inches. (You metric guys can extrapolate)

So, with 93.0 mHz we get: 2808/93.0 =  30.1935483871

I think it will be safe to drop most of the digits after the 
decimal...hehheh.  So, for 93.0 mHz we're talking about just over 30 

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