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NSU TTs Sighting

	At the Carlisle Import Auto show this weekend I spotted a few Audis
including an UrTQC in red/grey cloth for sale for $4500 with 115K miles.
Nice car, decent paint, a few dings. It sold by Saturday I think.
	Sunday I noticed a wierd little car next to my Corrado. It was about the
same size as a BMW 2002 but wider. It said NSU, and while I was trying to
remember if that was part of Auto Union, I noticed the model name, the TTS.
Yep, I think it was. Later talking to another Corrado owner who grew up in
Germany he told me it was rear engined and a popular car in Germany to
Autocross because it was so low and pretty fast. Interesting little car.
	Also saw first hand an EIP VR6 turbo. A guy with a green VR6 Corrado had
one up there and passed me in my VR6 C, at around 50mph on the road. I
threw it into 3rd and tried to stick with him, but it wasn't happening. The
VR6 C is no slouch, but that VR6T was crazy fast. I just wish it had all
wheel drive.-G