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Re: ur-q/4kq oil temp sender?

Could it be that the misterious sensor on the back of the cylinder head
is in fact the oil temp. sender?  Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq
gpowell@acacianet.com wrote:
> I need a bit of help with getting the oil temp gauge working with the
> new KUQEFH. The engine is an 83 ur-q block. The chassis in an 85 ur-q.
> Only the 85 ur-qs and the 85-87 4kqs have the oil temp gauge. I have
> not been able to figgerout where the oil temp sender should be
> installed into the 83 ur-q engine block. I also have an as-yet
> unidentified wahr down near the oil cooler, it has a round lug with a
> rubber bootie, is this the oil temp sender wahr? Where should the oil
> temp sender be installed?