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Re: Good Audi Repair place in Northern Virginia?

> I just moved to Northern Virginia and would like recommendations of
> good Audi repair shops in the area.

I submitted this a while ago but it looks like the mechanics list
hasn't been updated recently.  So:

The shop that works on my car when I'm not doing the work myself, due
to winter or lack of tools, is Pete van der Vate's Precision Import
Service in Merrifield, VA.  They seem pretty sharp.  It's an Alfa shop
and one of the mechanics also has a Formula Vee.  They also have a
Bosch certification -- this is the shop that became my preferred shop
after finding that *damn* intake manifold ground I keep talking about.
They know what they're doing.
['86 Coupe GT]
[which hasn't been there since December, ooh!]