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Oil Temp Sender

     I installed the oil temp/voltage  gauge and diff switch from an '85 
     ur-q in my '83. I had to cut it (a lot) to fit the different center 
     console shape, but it looks stock.
     The oil temp sender goes in place of the bolt that holds in the oil 
     pressure release spring on the oil pump. You need to get your hands on 
     a temp sender, take out the bolt that holds in the oil pressure 
     release spring and put the sender in in place of the bolt. I may have 
     an extra sender at home I can check if your interested?
     The rest of this is a bit of guess work but here goes anyway :) 
     I'm guessing you may have problems I think the stock '83 block switch 
     just shorts to GND when there is no oil pressure. Yours may be tied 
     high or open circuit? To work properly you need a wire jumper in the 
     relay box, this was true for all Canadian spec '83 ur-qs. This is 
     really hoky and when I bought my '83 it had a relay that did SFA. I 
     can check tonight and tell you exactly how the wire jumper goes? I 
     believe this is undocumented?  
     I'd get the above working first with the original low pressure switch 
     and then look at the guage problem. I'm guessing the guage sender is 
     some type of variable resistance device and therefor incompatible with 
     the idiot light. Although you may be lucky and the light might just 
     glow dimly :)
     I'd be very interested to hear what you come up with to fix it.
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. How fast does she go? #:)