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Re: 5kTQ Master Cylinder

Considering my recent postings, I should be able to answer this one....

You are correct, the 447-611-021 is the wagon master cylinder...don't know
why your sedan had one (very few wagons seem to have them).  I'm still
putting together a post of all the differences in the heavy duty braking
package (along with prices, etc.) but the major differences are the larger
diameter vented rotors, larger 25mm master cylinder, and different calipers.

As for would you see a difference, it would depend on how bad your current
master is....it's performance probably wasn't reflecting it's capabilities.
The larger bore will give you more easily available brake line pressure that
should be somewhat noticeable in a direct comparison (BTDT on old American
iron), but I don't know if it really matters in your application....SLM

At 03:18 PM 5/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm having the master replaced and the brake lines upgraded to braided
>metal.  Turns out the (apparently original) master cylinder on this 87 5kTQ
>(sedan) is the part for '86-88 wagons only (with the heavy duty rear
>brakes): 447-611-021 with the 25mm bore.  I'm putting in what I thought
>would be the right replacement, 443-611-021with 23mm bore.
>Two questions:  First, what exactly is the difference in the wagon heavy
>duty braking package?  Vented rear rotors?  Two, does anyone think it
>makes any difference to go to the smaller bore?  Anyone else with a
>sedan gone through this?

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