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A/C Problem

Sean Douglas asks:

 >Just tried my A/C for the first time. Everthing seems to be working
>properly, but when the compressor cycles on and off, it causes the car
>to jerk back and forth. The A/C cycles every 5 seconds or so and the
>driveline jerking is worse in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.

>Has anyone else experienced this problem? It wouldn't be so bad if the
>compressor cycled once every 30 seconds which seems like the norm
>on other cars.

My '85 4KSQ exhibits similar symptoms when it needs a refrigerant
recharge.   You might want to check it out.

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28