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Re: audi and f1

well the rumours are getting stronger (according to autosport)...

btw for those that asked about f1 engines and technology...

state of the art is a 3 litre n/a v10 (turbos are banned), usually about a 65
degree bank, pneumatic valve return (aka 'springs').  very sophisiticated
low-friction bearings and scavenge systems.  revs to about 18,000 (+/- 500) and
produces about 760hp (+/- 20).

turbos were banned after the famous 'grenade' engines of the mid 80's were
producing around 1300hp from 1500 cc's good for 1 or 2 laps of qualifying
before needing to be replaced.  race motors were about the 900hp mark (from
1500 cc v6's usually).

active suspension was banned after 1992/3, gearboxes are still semi-automatic
(in part to ensure that engines are not destroyed by over-revving).

next year, the tyres will be groved which will substantially slow the cars down
and make them slide more which is hoped to increase braking distances (which
have shortened again this year as a result of the improved tyres introduced by
goodyear and bridgestone as part of their own battles), and therefore

to win at f1 requires huge commitment, excellent budgets, fantastic technology
(engines and aerodynamics particularly) and surperb talent and teamwork.  for
example, imagine that you're the benneton team and have found 2 seconds a lap
over the winter period so you approach the new season full of expectation, only
to find that qualifying performances are 3-4 seconds faster this year than last

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q