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urq/4kq oil temp sender

Glenn, the whar(or was it WAHR) that has the booty is in fact the oil 
temp wire.The sender is at the extreme fornt,bottom of the motor forward 
of the filter housing. it faces straight down and has a brown plactic top 
with a single screw connection.When you remove the sender use caution 
because it also retains a spring and plunger(some type of relief valve or 
????). On to the oil pressure sender. I asume you have installed it on 
the drivers side of the block below the hose neck. VDO makes a sender wit 
a switch so that you can keep the light/buzzer if you wish.For the 0-80 
psi gauge it's #360-006 m10x1k tapping, for the 0-150 psi it's #360-033 
m10x1k. As always,check part #'s for any changes.HTH.