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1985 Audi 5000S --- For Sale Whole or In Parts

My 17 year old son wrecked my 1985 Audi 5000S when a pickup truck he was
following stopped suddenly.  The only damage to the vehicle was to the
front end and the front of the engine as the tow ball on the pickup damaged
the front of the engine's block.

I had owned this car for the last 8 years and had recently resealed the
transaxle, replaced the steering rack, rear shocks, headliner, and sunroof.
 Within the last year I have put approximately $2,000. of repairs and
improvements into the car.

Given the car's book value, I do not find it economical to repair this car.
 Therefore, I am looking to sell the car in whole or in parts.  If anyone
has an interest in this car either as whole or in parts, please e-mail me.

The following is a listing of the parts which I would consider to be in
good working order and suitable for use in another Audi:

TransAxle (Resealed 11 months ago)	
Power Steering Rack (11 mon. old)	
Head Assembly (175 psi comp. check)	
Fuel Distributor	
Fuel Injectors	
Intake Manifold	
Exhaust Manifold	
Brake Master Cylinder	
Brake Wheel Components	
Windshield Wiper Assembly	
A/C Evaporator Coil	
A/C Blower	
A/C Compressor	
A/C Hoses	
Fan Resistor Assembly	
Hydraulic Pump Hoses	
Drive Axle Assemblies (New CV Joints)	
Body Parts	
All 4 Door Assemblies	
Trunk Lid	
Left & Right Rear Quarterpanels	
Tail Light Lens	
Rear Bumper Assembly	
Sunroof Assembly (new)	
Seats, Two Front and Rear Bench	
Rear Suspension Assemblies (Shocks 6 months old)	
Front Suspension Assemblies	

Wiring Harness (All)	
Relay & Fuse Box	
A/C Programmer	
A/C Control Head	
Vacuum Pump	
Sunroof Motor	
Fuel Pump	
Tail Light Assemblies	
Instrument Cluster	
Steering Wheel Assembly	
Window Regulator, Driver & Passenger	
New Headliner (Light Gray)	
Stereo Speakers	
Front Windshield	
Rear Windshield	
Windows, All Four Doors	
Wheels & Tires	
Yokohama Avid MD-H4, P185/70 R14 (90% Tread Life Left on Tires)	
Original 14 inch Audi Wheels, Qty. 5	
Audi Jack	

If there is significant interest in the parts on this car, the shipment fee
if any will be to the account of the purchaser. 

The car is located in the Houston, Texas area and is towable.