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Re: Timing Belt Noise

You wrote:

Just got my 85 4ksq out of the shop for the timing belt and water
pump. The 
engine now makes this god awful noise in the front when idling. Sound
it's coming from the water pump and somthing is rubbing. Noise goes
when you increase rpm's. The mechanic is not sure what is causing it
the car is going back in friday. Anyone out there experienced anything

like this or know what might be the cause?....Any help would be 
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Sound like the "monkey Lads" have struck again!  

Its the old case of "Timing Belt Too-Tight-ess"!   

Oh, it will eventually fix it self, but at the expense of the timing
belt's life being shortened considerably!

I would take it back, and have them fix it correctly, or you can fix
it your self in
a couple of minutes!