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Re: Turbo question

In a message dated 97-05-14 08:37:46 EDT, you write:

<< I have a question about boost.  I think bar is a unit of measure and is 
 equal to one atmosphere.  If this is true does that mean that 0.4 bar 
 would be a vacuum at sea level where you would have one atmosphere or do 
 I have some thing wrong. 
 Berthann, using husbands email account--with his permission
 1988 5000CSTQ Pear white
If you turn the ignition to on (no start - sea level assumption here), you
should get either .9 or 1.0 depending on the accuracy of your Pressure
Transducer.  .3 or .4 should be your idle vacuum at sea level.  So yes, your
post is correct as written.  1 bar refers to 14.5psi (1 atmosphere = 30.0"
Hg) at sea level. 1.4 bar would be absolute boost or (.4 X 14.5psi = 5.8psi
boost) .4 bar pressure above atmosphere.  Audis are altitude correcting in
their turbo applications, so you will get the same power output at sea level
or 10,000 feet.