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Lime Rock Driver's School & TT (no Quattro content)

Just a note to let you all know that the Connecticut Alfa Owners club is hosting its annual driver's school and time trials on June 13&14 at Lime Rock Park in northwestern Connecticut.  There are still spaces available so registration has been opened up to non-italian cars - bring your Quattro and join us.

What you'll need:  Snell '85 or better helmet, roll bar for open cars, a safety inspection for your car, stock belts or 5-point harness, good tires, a decent muffler.

What it cost's: ~$150 per day - day one includes in-car driving instruction with certified instructors, day 2 includes practice laps and time trials.  You may choose to attend one or both days.  Typically you'll enjoy about 1.5 hours of track time each day. 
This is a non-competitive event - no wheel to wheel racing - the purpose of this event is to learn car control and handling in a safe environment (no pedestrians, cops, or speed limits). 

Contact Mario Romagnoli (914-693-7426) or Jeff Greenfield (413-637-1740) for registration info.

- John Legelis
97 A4Q
83 Alfa Spider