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Re: Bent Web Browser

>>Phil said:
>>I generically disapprove of programmes that fail because of invalid input
>>data - in my basic training three decades or so ago, I was taught that it was
> and Malc added:
>I'd take that one up with IBM and/or Netscape :-).  The pages were
>written in MS FrontPage, and tested under 16 and 32 bit Windows (3.11,
>95 and NT) with Netscape 3 and IE3.0 without problems. If anyone else
>has difficulty, I'd like to know...!


>Malc Pearce.
>UK quattro Owners Club Web chappy.


If your VCR is still flashing on 12:00 don't bother with this:-

It's me what has the web server what are hosting it. If
anybody has an orphan browser that barfs, I would like to
know too. This is because we have what others may call an
'orphan' web server. (Its a VAX VLC that has seen better
days, running the REAL man's operating system VMS) There is
a faint possibilty of file incompatibility with other fine
operating systems. If that is occurring we want to fix it
here and fix it quick.

I have tested Malc's work (and our server) on Macintosh:-
Netscape, IE and Cyberdog.

Windows NT Netscape and IE on
Alphas and various Intel thingys. Lynx and Netscape on VMS.
.. and so far it works within the limitations of each browser.