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Re: audi and f1

In a note dated 5/14/97 qwe@wam.umd.edu writes:

<<I read a little blurb in the May issue of "F1" last night and they say
that according to "reliable sources" Audi is working with Porsche on the
Formula One engine. But the top brass at Audi will not comment on it.>>

Let's hope not cuz if it anything like Porsche's last F1 effort it will be
overweight and underpowered (like me on my bicycle right now <g>). Porsche
has done a great F1 motor (the TAG turbo) but failed miserably in their most
recent attempt.

<<If Audi does enter F1 that would be too cool. In Japan F1 is HUGE! Ayrton
Senna is a god.>>

Agreed...it makes sense to me since quattro is apparently being eliminated
from all motorsports venues (un-justly, but it is reality). Audi need to
develop a great motor-with or without Porsche's help. They also need to
recruit a German driver from an Italian team ;-).

<<Let's face it. Honda was nothing but a boring econobox producer then they
entered F1 with Williams and then McClaren. Now they have some sort of
reputation as being the technological leader of Japanese auto
manufacturing. I think that their media exposure with F1 certainly helped
that aspect. . .ALOT! And they probably learned alot from racing as well.>>

Good points...they don't make too shabby of an Indy Car motor (CART, not IRL)
either-yes they have learned alot. Head to head, and given the resources, I
think Audi will do very well. BTW, don't forget Lotus-they ran Honda's

<<I hope things work out. . .beacuse F1 is the NBA of autoracing.>>

Yup...let's hope cuz racing truly refines the breed and we do see that
technology drift down to the production line. The NBA of autoracing?
Hmm...not in the US (sadly). More like the World Cup...as in popular the
world over-except the US. Okay now that I have wasted enough BW on
motorsports we can resume our regular programming ;-)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (owned by a major motorsports junkie ;-)  )