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RE: CD in 91 200 TQ

> He also mentioned this is a problem with all the 200 TQ. Anyone has the
> same problem and is there a fix for it? I am thinking of putting a
> aftermarket head unit in it and hope it would cure the problem.

Not being an Audi person, I don't have any vehicle specific information for 
you, however its very possible that the CD Changer is FM based, rather than 
direct line-in based.  If this is the case, most likely, the transmission 
frequency adjustment inside the CD changer is slightly off, and in between 
two selectable frequencies on your tuner.  This can be adjusted with a 
small ::plastic:: screwdriver, or as you said, replaced with an aftermarket 

Just as a side note, Pioneer just introduced into the market a 50-CD 
changer, for under 5 bills, suitable for operation with Pioneer head units 
in the 300-700 street price depending how many little blinking lights you 
want :)  The Pioneer changer, like most non-FM after-market units attach 
with a bizarre cable between the head unit and the changer, included with 
the changer of course.


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