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RE: 86 4kcsq vacuum pump

Okay I'll do my best to describe it..... 
First, it is immedietly behind the Power Steering pump, if that doesn't give it
away, look just to the right of the valve cover (standing in front of the
vehical), on the right side on the head about the second spark plug back, there
is a big aluminum looking device bolted to the head with two nuts. Now, if you
still can't find it, over on the right side of the intake (before it gets to the
fuel distributor, a hose is coming off of the intake and runs across the valve
cover through the "vaccum pump" and then onto the Brake system. Does this help? 
Let me know! 
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Subject: Re: 86 4kcsq vacuum pump 
Hello: I feel like a dunce for asking but, could anyone explain what the pump 
looks like and where it is in the engine bay?  I am mechanically challenged, 
but I love to do repairs myself whenever possible.  Thanks in advance! 
Sean Houghton 
87' 4kq 60K