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Re: Integrale, the Ferrari killer

Hey chief, I could drive an Integrale Evolutione HF. In fact before I just
bought my urQ I looked into an HF. Only slightly more expensive, noticeably
more power, slightly rarer and 5 doors. Then I heard some stories from 
previous owners... All said the same. " unbelievably great car to drive,
when it drives. It seems most of the problems surround the electrical 
system and viscous clutched at the corners. I've heard a tale of someone
who bought a very 'good' German import, and then spent an additional 
Fl15000, (US$8500), to sort it out. Could a Ferrari be much worse?

- Doug

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Place : Vienna, 19th district, Doeblinger Hauptstrasze
When : August 96
Opponent : Ferrari F 355

Greetings to all Quattro enthusiasts,
I have a friend in Vienna who has a Lancia HF Delta Integrale Sedici
Valvole ( all Euro members probably know what I’m talking about ). This
is the car that has been used in the World Rallye Championship 88-92. It
is in the size of a Golf/Rabbit and has a 2.0 16V turbo with over 240
horses (breathtaking). The really interesting part is that the car has
AWD !!! I don’t know how the drivetrain setup is, though. 

So, we are driving down a main street listening to a tape I have
recorded here in Detroit, when we noticed the red F355 in front of us
playing in the afternoon traffic. When the light turned green he let the
cars leave in front of him until there was enough distance for him to
floor it and to catch up with’em. Both of us noticed that the thing 
created more noise than horsepower ( it looked stupid ! ) .  So my
friend Andreas didn’t feel like watching this and decided in a good
moment to shift down into 1st (at 25 mph ) and ripped by the red thing a
second later with over 50 mph (still in first).Immediate reaction of the
Ferry was that he was following us. The next 3 miles ( 5 kiloms) we did
not get under 70 mph ( Please , do not forget that this was happening in
an European inner city --> very thight ) passing the traffic with a
couple of inches away. The guy was so anxious to follow us that he
hanged gears, at times,  without applying the clutch. At Schottentor we
had to hang a left into the Ring Strasze ( which is surrounding
the old city of Vienna) . At this point it was obvious who has won the
race. Our Integrale was in a 4 wheel power slide through the left turn
and shot out of it like a rubber band.The F. driver was still stuck in
the turn, dealing with his rear end, which  had almost hit a truck that
was turning too.

At the next light, the Ferrari pulled up next to us with its window
down. The driver said 
			Not bad !!! Very impressive !
	I turned to Andreas and said “ Shouldn’t it be the other way 						
around ?”

 To this day, I still don’t understand why people like Ferraris.
			High maintenance (especially the engine & 							electr.)
			The design reminds me of  pita bread
			& cars that only cost a fraction of their price 						will blow’em
		( like the S2, 323GTX, tuned S4 & S6Plus, Integrale)

YEEAAHHH , I KNOW !!! The story has nothing to do with Quattros. But, I
am sure that a lot of people from this list would drive Integrales if
they were available in the US.

 O.K. guys, don’t forget : “Vorsprung Durch Technik”
						Zafir in Detroit
			86 5K turbo ( hoping for a 4KQ and a 200 TQ)

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