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Shooting 4000qs due to trouble (or somesuch)

(1) re: hard shifting when hot.
It's a "medium shot", but the shift linkage includes a short right-angle part 
a ball joint of sorts, back toward the firewall.  If this goes, you lose the 
ability to
manipulate the car into gears.  Particularly when hot, it's a $%tch.  Check it -
everyone I know w/a 4kq had it happen eventually.

(2) shocks
I never liked the KYBs I have driven others' cars with them, and they seem
rough.  I prefer the BOGE turbo/TA (hydraulic) TurboGas or ProGas.  Had TTAs
in my 4kq, have TGas in my 90q20v.  Fair trade-off.  reliable.  Cheap.

Do the strut bearings at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!