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Re: Integrale, the Ferrari killer

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> b) A Ferrari 328GTB is no match for an ur-quattro, even.  Seriously 
>    disappointing car.  No room in the back, and no luggage space _either_.
> The quattro aim is to provide stunning performance within a package that's also 
> useful as a car.  Engines that last 250K+ are another aspect of the same deal.  
> Looking at (especially European) sports cars - I often think the more they 
> cost, the less useful they are as transport. 
it might not be a match for a quattro (I don't know enough about either 
car to quote on that), but a Ferrari is a Ferrari, if I could afford one, 
I'd have one no matter what the model.
A good example being that if I had 40K spare cash floating about, I would 
not go buy a certain unused 20V quattro from a dealer in Hereford, I'd 
find a nice scarlet coloured car with a horse badge attached to the 
bonnet. It would not bother me that one was a brand new car, and one was 
second hand because at the end of the day, I'd have a Ferrari.

Im not having a go at quattro's, they are a good car, but we are looking 
at two different leagues of car here, its a bit like comparing a Rover 600 
to a Caterham 7. The Ferrari and Caterham are not designed (in my view) 
to be a `mode of transport', they are there to be driven, posed in, pull 
the chicks ;-) etc etc etc.
Speaking of which, I never saw one ugly woman in a Ferrari at Monaco :-)

I don't want slating, mail bombing etc etc for what Ive just said, but 
bare in mind, Im still young(ish), free and single, and I don't have a 
wife, 2.4 kids and a mother-in-law to worry about yet, so I maybe view my 
cars differentlly to Mr Average who lives next door.

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro - MB Model	UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
4 Legs   - Dexter			He's a funky kind of horse
2 Legs   - Shanks Pony                  Last resort