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Can an engaged starter sound like a clutch problem?

Thanks for the feedback regarding my ?clutch? woes.  I have an idea
that I'd like to run by the experts...

It occurred to me that my noises MIGHT be due to the starter failing
to properly disengage for the following reasons:

- Once the car clunked when I tried to start it.

- Once the car squealed when I started it for long enough to get under
the car and hear the sqeal coming from the starter area (though it
is sort of near the oilpan/clutch area).

- The car shifts just fine.

BUT would I be getting those changes in the pitch of the noise as
I move the clutch in and out if the problem was with the starter?
(The scraping/growling noise is worse with the clutch down, and
the worst at the engagement point).

Just want to check out any possible options before taking the
plunge for clutch/throw-out bearing work!  Of course, it could be
both the starter AND the bearing.... :-(

85 4000S Quattro