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Re: Integrale, the Ferrari killer

From: Mike <mike@padd.press.net>
>it might not be a match for a quattro (I don't know enough about either
>car to quote on that), but a Ferrari is a Ferrari, if I could afford one,
>I'd have one no matter what the model.

An interesting outlook.

I differ in that if I had 40k, I would never spend it on a Ferrari, 
Lambourghini etc.  I have a prejudice against those types of cars - the only 
Italian car I would get is in fact the Integrale, but having heard so many 
reports about its unreliability, I probably wouldn't get that either.

I'm basically a German car enthusiast, VW/Audi/Porsche in particular.  If I 
had to buy a supercar that wasn't 4 wheel drive, I'd probably think about 
Jaguar XK120/140/150 and e-types.

Now, where did I leave that 40k?

Paul (total value of cars less than 4k!)
1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant