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Bentley manuals, DYMENT Pub.


Here is a Web page that lists the phone number, address etc 
for Dyment Distribution who has Audi related repair manuals (Bentley),
factory service bulletins, Bentley wiring diagrams, Owners manuals?  
yada yada yada

These are available in paper format (big $$) or on (cheap $ ) micro-fiche, 
(example they have the V8 repair manual on micro-fiche for $30, wiring
diagram for $5)
CAUTION: this is a VW related Web page with other VW repair manual info.
Don't let your Audi know you were viewing it.........


Regarding a  source for Bentley manuals, Halsey Imports 
(from vendor list 1-800-792-0081)  has the 86-88 5000TQ two manual 
set for around $95 and the 89-91 100/200TQ three volume set for $115. 

Scott M.