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Re: Audi & F1

> 	O.K., I'll accept most of these answers, but tomorrow's quiz will have
> questions that demand your answers to be more specific! ;-)
> 	Seriously, though, I understand how a turbo can 'quiet' a race motor,
> but I REFUSE to believe that ALL racing cars "sound better *without*
> turbos! Have you watched the Indy 500 time trials at all this year!? If
> so, have you sat down and_listened_to the IRL's idea of a race car!??!
> Those V-8s(Olds and Infinti, right?) sound so un-inspiring, so American,
> so slow, so horrible, so....well, nasty...just MHO. I have no idea how
> many RPMs those V-8s are achieving, but the "scream of a nornally
> aspirated V8 turning X times a minute" certainly CAN be beat and is
> definitely NOT "glorious!(IMHO, of course) Others may think otherwise,
> but I doubt it, because it's quite obvious that those IRL engines sound
> significantly less thrilling than the turbocharged engines of CART/PPG,
> which I have heard in person twice. Unfortunately, for my only close and
> affordable opportunity, I am left suffering with the IRL cars from now
> on, or at least until the IRL goes under and CART returns to the
> N.H.I.S. in Loudon, NH. :-(

I had been to both the Montreal GP and the Toronto Indy last year and have to 
tell you that there is no comparison.
F1 N/A engines sound not only louder but a lot nicer than the Indy's 
turbo motors.
In Montreal I was few blocks away from the track and you could hear 
the cars going around the track in practise (Friday).
That was the first time I have heard those engines in real life.
Boy is the TV a bad representation to what it really sounds like on 
the race track.
Do not go by what you see/hear on TV.
Seeing the car brake into the corner and than take off (I was at the 
first corner) was just spectacular.  The problem with TV is that the 
camera followes the car and zooms after it out the corner giving you 
a false and underrated sense of acceleration.
Those thing just explode out of the corner.
Those were the best days last summer.
Hope to see some of you there this year!

Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe (445,000 km)
1984 4000s quattro (320,000 km under the wrench)
1970 Porsche 911E Targa (also under the wrench)

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