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Re: 86 4kcsq vacuum pump

       My 4kq 87' I bought last year from Virginia with only 43K on the
clock!  Unfortunatly who ever had it before ddn't take care of her.  She has
alot of dents and dings, and the paint in some areas is in bad shape.  The
engine runs like a champ except for the usual TICK TICK.  In fact i just
remove the Vacum pump push rod which is helpped quite alot.  Needless to say
my 4kq needs a lot of work.  My advice to everyone is ignore miles and buy
Audi's that are in grea shape to begin with.  Lets just say the low mile
enticed me to buy my dream car, which someday will (i hope) be restored to it
former glory.  
It is pretty cool to have a 4kq with probably the lowest original miles of
all, but it came with a price!!!
Sean Houghton
87' 4kq 60k

P.S. Driving in snow is a blast in my 4kq!